Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have looked at so many houses in the last month that they are all running together. While today's search was definitely more promising than any other day, I'm now not sure which house is which. I'm pretty sure I really liked a house today, and there's a distinct possibility I may make an offer on it. But I'm going to think on it over night, as I seem to be looking at houses in my sleep now. Every morning when I wake up, I feel like I've been out house-hunting all night long. That makes for a very tiring night and me dragging all day at work. Hopefully, after some prayer and deep thought, I'll come up with an answer. Wish me luck!!

Well, nevermind. I just looked at the house that I liked online again and it has magically been taken off the market. Quite the disappointment. I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm just not meant to buy a house right now. I'm getting so tired of looking at houses that seem to have something wrong with them. I'm pretty down about it right now. The parents of course said that it's obvious that if the house is indeed not on the market any more that it wasn't the one God meant for me, and I know that, but right now, not really feeling it. Very disappointing evening.

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