Thursday, March 25, 2010

Florida Trip

Happy Thursday everyone. I just got back from Florida, where I've been since Monday, for a business trip. I attended a two-day class about the software our department uses and the new upgrades that are coming up. It wasn't the most rewarding class I've ever attended. The last day, there were computer problems that kept us from finishing our last 'test' that we had to take to be 'certified.' I use quotes because this certification was given by the company and I'm not sure it means much more than the paper it was printed on. I went with my boss and one of the other department managers, both who are quite a bit older than me. At first, I was afraid it would be an awkward trip, but it turned out decently.

This trip did give me a chance to visit sunny Tampa, Florida. It was a nice break from the eleven inches of snow that was on the ground when I left Monday (as seen in this view from my back door Sunday). The weather in Tampa was very nice, very springy. Definitely weather I could get used to. That, in itself, was worth the trip. While we were in class one day, one of the other attendees mentions that he is going to the Yankees spring training game, which happens to be in the stadium about 2 miles from where we were staying. So my boss, being as big a sports fan as I am, decides she wouldn't mind going either. She quickly gets on the web and orders tickets for the game Wednesday night, in the lower section of the stadium, on the first base side.

Now, I'm not a Yankees fan, but I do enjoy baseball. And I enjoy attractive men. This outing combined these two things, because no matter how much I know about the man's personal life and all the things he's done that I definitely don't agree, Alex Rodriguez is still a good-looking man. As is Derek Jeter. So I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to George Steinbrenner field.

Something else happened while I was at the game. I received a phone call from my realtor who informed me that my second offer on the house that I found was accepted. I'm going to be a home owner!! I'm very excited, as I was not expecting this offer to get the green light; I was expecting another counter-offer. So maybe the Yankees brought me good luck. Or maybe I brought them good luck; they did win 3-1.

This is my tentative house. I haven't received the signed contract yet, but I'm celebrating the verbal commitment. Yea! I'm going to be in debt!!

Until later...God bless you =)

Friday, March 19, 2010

New Friend Friday

My friend Jodie is a huge fan of this blog, so decided to participate. The Girl Creative is doing a New Friend Friday. Click on the link to join in...

The Girl Creative

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ranting Wednesday

Just exactly when did people decide that they don't have to follow the polite rules of normal conduct? First of all, I visited my favorite fast food restaurant for lunch today, delicious Chick-fil-A, and watched in some sort of awe as two separate people cut in line in front of my friend and me while we were waiting patiently for the next available cashier. And these were fully grown adults who I would assume had been in public before today. But apparently they didn't notice Jill and I standing behind the people that were ordering. And apparently the guy that was too important to take off his Bluetooth while ordering didn't hear my say loudly "Well, I guess we weren't standing in line." Neither did the woman who then did the same, stepping in before either one of us had a chance to walk up to the counter. Seriously people, pay attention to your environment and what's going on around you. If people appear to be waiting for something, you might ask if they are in line before parading up to the front.

Then, I had to go to Walmart. And I managed to find the people who hadn't seen each other in fifteen years that were relating their entire life stories to each other in the middle of aisle, with their shopping carts parked right next to each other, not allowing any one to pass by. Again, just pay little attention to world around you and you might notice that there are other people trying to live their lives. However, on a positive note, the 10-year old that was running the cash register was nice, did not call me ma'am, and bagged my groceries very efficiently.

House update: I am hesitantly optimistic regarding a house that I saw yesterday. But with my luck lately (3 houses I've looked at have been sold--at the time I looked at them, no less!!) that I'm not getting my hopes up. The parents are coming down this weekend to see it as well, since they have alot more experience in this house buying process than I do. Fingers crossed =)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have looked at so many houses in the last month that they are all running together. While today's search was definitely more promising than any other day, I'm now not sure which house is which. I'm pretty sure I really liked a house today, and there's a distinct possibility I may make an offer on it. But I'm going to think on it over night, as I seem to be looking at houses in my sleep now. Every morning when I wake up, I feel like I've been out house-hunting all night long. That makes for a very tiring night and me dragging all day at work. Hopefully, after some prayer and deep thought, I'll come up with an answer. Wish me luck!!

Well, nevermind. I just looked at the house that I liked online again and it has magically been taken off the market. Quite the disappointment. I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm just not meant to buy a house right now. I'm getting so tired of looking at houses that seem to have something wrong with them. I'm pretty down about it right now. The parents of course said that it's obvious that if the house is indeed not on the market any more that it wasn't the one God meant for me, and I know that, but right now, not really feeling it. Very disappointing evening.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

I am very disappointed in today, for two reasons.

#1--I went house-hunting again and still didn't find the house that made my heart jump for joy. I keep expecting it, every time I go into a new house that this will be the one, this will be the house that I recognize as MINE the minute I see it, and so far, it just hasn't happened. Now I worry that I'm being too picky, that I'm searching for a house that doesn't exist, or at least it doesn't exist in my price range. There have been a couple that I like, but there's always something that holds me back from saying "That's it, this is the house." It's very frustrating and very much a let-down. But, I'll keep looking and maybe next time it will happen. AGH, the pressure of being a grown-up!

#2--I really wanted it to be rainy this afternoon. Why, you ask, would I wish for semi-bad weather? Because I was looking forward to wearing my new stylish rainboots that I just bought. It's ridiculous how good a new pair of shoes can make me feel, but these polka-dotted boots make me smile every time I look at them. Unfortunately, I can't wear them to work due to following the dress code, but...on jeans day Friday, I'm wearing them come heck or high water. Hopefully not too high of water though, because they only come up to mid-calf.


Don't continue reading if you haven't watched the March 9 episode of Lost!!!!

I know I should be savoring every moment of this season of Lost, since it's the last one, but so far, I'm just ready for the answers to start coming. Where did the numbers come from? Is Jacob really a good guy and is the Black Smoke Monster really a bad guy? Are Sun and Jin ever going to find each other? Why hasn't eye-liner wearing Richard aged for however long he's been on the island? Why has tremendously attractive Sawyer not been on for two weeks and counting? These are questions that need to be answered. And there's only 10 weeks left!!

I do know that if Ben Linus had ever been my History teacher in high school, I probably would have skipped alot of class or just been totally creeped out by him every day. However, he did show a different side during the FlashSideways world tonight, helping Alex with her studying. But I was kinda rooting for something bad to happen to him tonight, to spur on the action a little. And then I almost teared up when he was explaining himself to Elena (or whatever her name is) and again when she said he could stay. Stupid show!! I'm supposed to not like him at all!!!

Well, that's all for today. To quote my friend Shelli Wilson, "Never mess with a samurai." Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

Monday, March 8, 2010

And it begins....

Well, here it is. My first official blog post. I'm sure that everyone has been waiting with bated breath for my words of wisdom, so I'm giving the people what they want. And if you don't recognize that as sarcasm, well, you're going to be very confused by anything written here!

I spent the day trying to get back into the swing of things from having a nice 4 day weekend. Late last week, I continued house hunting, which is what I'll be doing until I can find the right house. I found a few possibilities and am looking forward to my appointment with the realtor tomorrow night to see the inside of some of them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find what I'm looking for. When I find the house, I plan on posting progress reports here on getting it set up the way I want, all the painting, replacing and other fun stuff that goes along with home ownership. I'm ready to get started; all I need is the house!

I also traveled to the bootheel of Missouri to help co-host a shower. At least I think I co-hosted it, now I'm not sure. I did send out the invitations, but that was pretty much my part of it. Not that I have a problem with that; it was much easier on me to not have to decide how to transport food during a 6 hour trip. The shower was lovely, and little Tristan Michael Batchleor was a hit. I look forward to watching him grow up to be one of the smartest little boys in Missouri! It was great to see his parents as well, my friends Jason and Jodie. They seem to be getting the new parenting gig down. They are one of those couples that gives marriage and parenthood a good name; which is nice to see.

I hope that anyone reading this will occassionally be entertained, possibly even have some thoughts provoked. If you tune in tomorrow, I'll probably be ranting about the latest episode of Lost and whatever else needs to be discussed. Until then...God bless!