Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ranting Wednesday

Just exactly when did people decide that they don't have to follow the polite rules of normal conduct? First of all, I visited my favorite fast food restaurant for lunch today, delicious Chick-fil-A, and watched in some sort of awe as two separate people cut in line in front of my friend and me while we were waiting patiently for the next available cashier. And these were fully grown adults who I would assume had been in public before today. But apparently they didn't notice Jill and I standing behind the people that were ordering. And apparently the guy that was too important to take off his Bluetooth while ordering didn't hear my say loudly "Well, I guess we weren't standing in line." Neither did the woman who then did the same, stepping in before either one of us had a chance to walk up to the counter. Seriously people, pay attention to your environment and what's going on around you. If people appear to be waiting for something, you might ask if they are in line before parading up to the front.

Then, I had to go to Walmart. And I managed to find the people who hadn't seen each other in fifteen years that were relating their entire life stories to each other in the middle of aisle, with their shopping carts parked right next to each other, not allowing any one to pass by. Again, just pay little attention to world around you and you might notice that there are other people trying to live their lives. However, on a positive note, the 10-year old that was running the cash register was nice, did not call me ma'am, and bagged my groceries very efficiently.

House update: I am hesitantly optimistic regarding a house that I saw yesterday. But with my luck lately (3 houses I've looked at have been sold--at the time I looked at them, no less!!) that I'm not getting my hopes up. The parents are coming down this weekend to see it as well, since they have alot more experience in this house buying process than I do. Fingers crossed =)

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