Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

I am very disappointed in today, for two reasons.

#1--I went house-hunting again and still didn't find the house that made my heart jump for joy. I keep expecting it, every time I go into a new house that this will be the one, this will be the house that I recognize as MINE the minute I see it, and so far, it just hasn't happened. Now I worry that I'm being too picky, that I'm searching for a house that doesn't exist, or at least it doesn't exist in my price range. There have been a couple that I like, but there's always something that holds me back from saying "That's it, this is the house." It's very frustrating and very much a let-down. But, I'll keep looking and maybe next time it will happen. AGH, the pressure of being a grown-up!

#2--I really wanted it to be rainy this afternoon. Why, you ask, would I wish for semi-bad weather? Because I was looking forward to wearing my new stylish rainboots that I just bought. It's ridiculous how good a new pair of shoes can make me feel, but these polka-dotted boots make me smile every time I look at them. Unfortunately, I can't wear them to work due to following the dress code, but...on jeans day Friday, I'm wearing them come heck or high water. Hopefully not too high of water though, because they only come up to mid-calf.


Don't continue reading if you haven't watched the March 9 episode of Lost!!!!

I know I should be savoring every moment of this season of Lost, since it's the last one, but so far, I'm just ready for the answers to start coming. Where did the numbers come from? Is Jacob really a good guy and is the Black Smoke Monster really a bad guy? Are Sun and Jin ever going to find each other? Why hasn't eye-liner wearing Richard aged for however long he's been on the island? Why has tremendously attractive Sawyer not been on for two weeks and counting? These are questions that need to be answered. And there's only 10 weeks left!!

I do know that if Ben Linus had ever been my History teacher in high school, I probably would have skipped alot of class or just been totally creeped out by him every day. However, he did show a different side during the FlashSideways world tonight, helping Alex with her studying. But I was kinda rooting for something bad to happen to him tonight, to spur on the action a little. And then I almost teared up when he was explaining himself to Elena (or whatever her name is) and again when she said he could stay. Stupid show!! I'm supposed to not like him at all!!!

Well, that's all for today. To quote my friend Shelli Wilson, "Never mess with a samurai." Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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