Thursday, March 25, 2010

Florida Trip

Happy Thursday everyone. I just got back from Florida, where I've been since Monday, for a business trip. I attended a two-day class about the software our department uses and the new upgrades that are coming up. It wasn't the most rewarding class I've ever attended. The last day, there were computer problems that kept us from finishing our last 'test' that we had to take to be 'certified.' I use quotes because this certification was given by the company and I'm not sure it means much more than the paper it was printed on. I went with my boss and one of the other department managers, both who are quite a bit older than me. At first, I was afraid it would be an awkward trip, but it turned out decently.

This trip did give me a chance to visit sunny Tampa, Florida. It was a nice break from the eleven inches of snow that was on the ground when I left Monday (as seen in this view from my back door Sunday). The weather in Tampa was very nice, very springy. Definitely weather I could get used to. That, in itself, was worth the trip. While we were in class one day, one of the other attendees mentions that he is going to the Yankees spring training game, which happens to be in the stadium about 2 miles from where we were staying. So my boss, being as big a sports fan as I am, decides she wouldn't mind going either. She quickly gets on the web and orders tickets for the game Wednesday night, in the lower section of the stadium, on the first base side.

Now, I'm not a Yankees fan, but I do enjoy baseball. And I enjoy attractive men. This outing combined these two things, because no matter how much I know about the man's personal life and all the things he's done that I definitely don't agree, Alex Rodriguez is still a good-looking man. As is Derek Jeter. So I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to George Steinbrenner field.

Something else happened while I was at the game. I received a phone call from my realtor who informed me that my second offer on the house that I found was accepted. I'm going to be a home owner!! I'm very excited, as I was not expecting this offer to get the green light; I was expecting another counter-offer. So maybe the Yankees brought me good luck. Or maybe I brought them good luck; they did win 3-1.

This is my tentative house. I haven't received the signed contract yet, but I'm celebrating the verbal commitment. Yea! I'm going to be in debt!!

Until later...God bless you =)

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